Lolo - Austin pays

Possibilité de boire un verre de Vin NaturelPossibilité de manger en buvant des Vins Naturels

1504 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702

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LoLo is a natural wine bar & bottle shop opening in Austin, TX on February 7th. We are proud as hell to support small farmers and independent importers. If drinking fun wine with no garbage in it is your kinda thing, LoLo is gonna be your kinda spot.

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Orari d'apertura

Lunedì :       12h - Minuit

Martedì :       12h - Minuit

Mercoledì : 12h - Minuit

Giovedì :         12h - Minuit

Venerdì :   12h - Minuit

Sabato :       12h - Minuit

Domenica :   12h - Minuit


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